Minutes – SRAM NDCXL meeting 7 September 2011

SRAM Notts & Derby Cyclo-cross League committee meeting

Wednesday 7 September 2011 8pm at the Brewery Tap, Derby


Julian Gould, Harry Gould, Fred Lambert, Louise Kirkham, John Holmes, Sarah Naylor, Gavin Hardwicke, Lee Shunburne, Russell Cox, Mick Gascoigne, Steve Hand, Mac Lambert, Karen Lifford and Mary Gill

  1. Apologies
    Ian Gascoigne and Andrew Naylor

  2. Minutes of the previous meeting
    Held Wednesday 23rd February 2011 were read and approved.
    Proposed: John Holmes (JH), seconded: Russell Cox (RC) – Carried.

  3.  Matters arising
    All complete.

  4. Chairman’s report
    Equipment missing from SRAM is likely to cause some problems in particular rider numbers.
    The League continues to receive membership requests from “out of area”.

  5. Secretary’s report
    The website revamp is complete and has added a Twitter and Facebook  presence – with thanks to Robin Malik.

  6. Treasurer’s report
    League membership is growing – 10 promoting clubs, 9 non promoting clubs and 10 private members. Some clubs still to join, requests being sent.
    Action: Harry Gould (HG) to correspond.
    In order to tow the League trailer to races RC needs £255 for a tow bar and an unspecified amount for trailor repairs.

  7. Lap timing spreadsheet hardware
    The timing software being developed by Sarah and Andy Naylor is progressing well and now needs hardware purchase to progress.
    The meeting approved max spend of £400 to purchase a laptopnetbook, software and spare battery.
    Proposed: JH, seconded: Gavin Hardwicke (GH), one abstention – Carried.

  8. Sponsorship update
    Ian Gascoigne sent the following notes with his apologies and read to the meeting:
    Contract has been returned to SRAM and new EZups are ordered. These should be with us in the next few weeks. Graham is happy for the old ones to be used in the meantime. Tape is also on order and again, should be with us in the next couple of weeks. Mick has a supply in the meantime, but this is restricted. As ever, organizers are recommended to re-use existing tape from previous 3 seasons where possible.
    Graham was not aware SRAM had ordered number sets last time around, so no numbers have been ordered. I have sought a price from Imp sport and hope to get this through shortly. I can then liaise with Graham for payment.
    Graham is also content for new START BOX banners to be ordered, though again, I am pricing these at present.

  9. Any other business
    RC distributed an Equipment report, and made particular mention of his tow bar, still missing numbers and safety pins.
    The committee approved the purchase of all all missing equipment, including safety pins.
    Action: RC to proceed.
    HG reported an offer to the League, via Viv Cox of funds received from a family funeral collection, to purchase a new or replace and existing trophy.
    Proposed: Mary Gill (MG), seconded: Harry Gould – the meeting voted to accept the generous offer.
    Action: Mary Gill (MG) to write and thank Viv Cox.
    Karen Lifford (KL) mentioned various British Cycling developments, including an upcoming Commissaire’s course venue to be confirmed, East Midlands region looking to purchase some quality radios and also developing a website.
    Louise Kirkham informed the meeting that VC Long Eaton were still having  difficulties finding a venue.
    JH informed the meeting that he still needed an Assistant Commissaire for Nottingham Clarion’s Holme Pierrepoint race. MG offered to help if no alternative came forward.
    GH asked the meeting where he could borrow stakes for the Ashfield RC race at Southglade Park. KL offered the BC stakes and the League stakes remain available.
    The meeting voted on accepting new sponsoredcommercially supported clubs into the League  – Charge, Buzz Cycles – Forme RT and Clay Cross RT.
    Proposed: JG, seconded: MG – Carried.

    1. Meeting closed 9:40pm.