In order to gain league points you need to register. Unregistered riders can still race but do not earn league points. Race entry opens earlier for registered riders than unregistered riders.  You must race in the correct age category which is based on year of birth.  Race fees and schedule can be found for each event on the ‘events’ page.  Note that ALL categories are pre-entry ONLY and that means you can’t just turn up on the day and expect to ride.  

The age categories for racing cyclo-cross are defined in the British Cycling cyclo-cross regulations. To make things a bit easier for you, we’ve produced a table to help you find the correct age category for cyclo-cross only.

The race schedule (2019-20) is usually as follows but sometimes changes are needed if there are logistical reasons:

10:00 Full course
10:30 U9 7 mins Partial (non U9 section)
10:55 U12 15 mins Partial (non U12 section)
11:30 Youth 25 mins CLOSED
11:55 Full course behind sweeper
12:30 Vets 40+ mins CLOSED
13:10 Full course behind sweeper
13:45 Women 40+ mins CLOSED
14:25 Full course behind sweeper
14:45 Sen & Jun 60 mins CLOSED
15:45 Last race finishes.
Please help with course pack down!


The league is run by a committee, all of whom are dedicated volunteers.  They meet every few weeks during the season (usually in a pub) to talk about how things are going and how things can be improved.  They also sort out important issues such as finance and medical cover.  Everyone involved in the league is welcome to committee meetings.  Note that if YOU want things to change for you, your club, or your family members then please volunteer – there are some great ideas out there but without people to take action and share the work we simply cannot implement them.

Races themselves are organised by promoters usually representing a club.  They sort out all aspects of the venue and event logistics and always need a team of helpers.

You can really help by volunteering to marshall at one or more races.  The marshalls make sure that courses stay well marked, and help keep everyone safe and where they should be.