Code of Conduct for Riders, Spectators and Families

NDCXL is affiliated with British Cycling and events are promoted under BC rules. Consequently, all individuals participating in and/or spectating at League events, including parents and carers of those competing, must abide by both the NDCXL rules and British Cycling rules.

Events in the League are organised by volunteers to develop riders’ technical, physical, tactical and social skills. Winning is a small part of cycle sport! All of us have a responsibility to promote high standards of behaviour and ensure that NDCXL events are enjoyable, inclusive, safe and positive environments to compete in and spectate at.

Please play your part by complying with the NDCXL Code of Conduct at all times by:

  • Ensuring that you understand and adhere to the regulations and policies of both the NDCXL and British Cycling and encourage others to do the same
  • Encouraging and applauding effort as well as success
  • Providing encouragement and supporting all participants
  • Respecting all decisions made by event organisers, event commissaires and the NDCXL committee
  • Staying off the marked course during all races unless you are racing
  • Not criticising participants when they make mistakes
  • Complying with the Highway Code and public rights of way
  • Respecting the environment in which events take place by respecting other members of the public, not littering and maintaining proper personal behaviour
  • Never engaging in or tolerating offensive, insulting or abusive behaviour or language

Members of NDCXL take their sport seriously but the welfare of people who compete in and attend League events is paramount. Any breach of this code of conduct will result in the incident being reported to British Cycling who will take disciplinary action in accordance with British Cycling disciplinary regulations.

The full British Cycling Safeguarding policy is HERE.

Thanks to CXNE for providing a template Code of Conduct.