Chips and numbers

Timing Chips – Return after each race

Like most leagues, the NDCXL uses timing chips to make it faster and easier to work out who finished in what position. You can even see your lap times and compare yourself to your nearest rivals!
So, you’ll get a chip when you collect your number – the important points:

  • Wear the chip on your left ankle
  • Chip goes under your sock, if possible, please. This helps to stop anything getting caught in the strap and means it’ll be slightly less coated in mud when you return it…
  • Please remember to return your timing chip after the event!  (especially as the league has to pay for missing chips).
  • If you forget to return your chip after your race and can’t return your chip at the next event or there’s a big gap between events, please return the chip to Smartiming at the following address and let us know:


    Louise Markham
    Brow edge
    LA12 8PS

Numbers – Keep and treasure forever

You pin one number to your back and one to your arm that can be seen by the judges at the finish line.

Nikki Brammier with a beautifully pinned arm number (Photo Mick Bown)

Arm number

Think about your position on the bike … when you’re forward on the bars you don’t want extra strain on your jersey.  Not too far around the front of the arm or the judges won’t be able to see it.  Remember you are approaching them in a bunch at incredible speed.

Please use four pins, one in each corner.  That’s 4.  Not 2.

Arm numbers are just as important as back numbers and vital when the back number is covered in mud!

1… 2… 3… 4… in and out

Back number

Again, think of your position on the bike … the number needs to be comfortable when you’re forward on the bars, and not so tight that it pops the pins or tears your jersey.  Pin low down so that the number is easily visible – not obscured by your flowing hair, a hood, etc.

Use four pins, one in each corner.  Some add extra pins each side for extra security.