Regional champs

Update for 2019-20 season –

The Regional Champs rule has been reinstated – see minutes here.  This rule reads:

  • Riders competing in the Regional Championships, regardless of whether the event is designated to be a round of the NDCXL, shall be awarded average league points upon completion of the race.
    • Any member of a League-affiliated club who themselves happen to live outside the BC Midlands Championships area must complete their respective area championships (as per BC rules) to gain average League points.

Average points are calculated using the rule at the end of the season:

4.7.2. Calculation of average points
Where average points are awarded, the average will be calculated from all completed (points scoring) rounds.  Averages are not rounded up or down during calculation of final scores.

Organisation of the Regional Champs is not a responsibility of NDCXL or any other league.  However, on occasion venues and events can be shared league/champs races.