Housekeeping – prize money, missing chips, volunteers… and a photo

A few pieces of housekeeping:

  1. Prizes. According to British Cycling rules we award prizes in:
    Youth: U14B, U14G, U16B, U16G
    Women:    Junior, Senior (incl. U23), V40 & V50
    Men:     Junior, Senior (incl. U23), V40, V45, V50, V55, V60, V65 V70+
    There is 1 prize per 5 entrants in the category as listed above.  e.g. 1-5 entrants = 1 prize; 6-10 entrants = 2 prizes; 11-15 entrants = 3 prizes; etc.  Please check at the sign-on tent after the race if you might have won a prize otherwise you might miss out on your hard-earned winnings!  Prizes vary from week to week depending on organisers’ costs.
  2. Missing chips.  If you accidentally take a chip home please contact us ASAP or we get charged and they are very expensive to replace.  We have had a bad start to the season in this respect this year!  Check here for the form.
  3. Volunteers.  We are a league entirely run by volunteers.  We always need more and it can be fun!  Please ‘contact us’ using the contact form on the website (top menu).  We need people to help in all areas but particularly with timing and scoring, and also race reports (U9/U12 and Youth/Vet/Seniors).  Not sure what it involves?… get in touch.

And finally… we had a request through the ‘contact us’ – did anyone get a photo of the finish of the Senior race at Shipley?… Mum and Dad were busy in the pits when the Knight boys finished 1-2 junior (SolihullCC) and would love a picture for the mantlepiece 🙂  .  Please ‘contact’ the communications team if you can help – thanks.