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We hope to stuff this page with the who, what, where, when and why of NDCXL for riders.

Who? What? Where? When? Why?

British Cycling have put together a great overview of the sport here


All are welcome to participate in the NDCXL – from beginners to experts, young to old, living in the area or not.

Race are divided into age categories as per our Entry fees page, you can see where you fall here – note that NDCXL has an Under 9 – NOT Under 10 category..

People living within or riding for clubs in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire can join the league (Membership form) and amass points, however you do not have to be a member of a club or British Cycling to have a go – but you will need to enter the event in advanced on the British Cycling website.


You will need:

  • a bicycle in good working order, preferably with knobbly tyres – and without bar ends
  • a cycle helmet
  • some comfortable sports clothing – seniors should note that they must ride in their club or plain kit
  • your entry fee
  • if your a member of British Cycling then you’ll need your membership card/race licence – but don’t worry if you’re not in a club or not a British Cycling member – you can still ride with day insurance
  • some extra time before your race starts in have a ride around your course – an hour is a good guide – you’ll get to chat and see what others are up to!

… and possibly most importantly … your sense of adventure!


The event venues are displayed on our events page, and we’ll include a postcode for your sat nav and a map wherever possible. We’ll put something on the website at 07:00 race day as a reminder/quick reference for you!


The event dates and times are displayed on our events page.


Cyclo-cross is a fantastic, fast, messy sport … a perfect introduction for youngsters into competitive cycle sport, likewise a great way to get and keep fit on a bicycle. Come along and have a look!

Additional stuff:


You should be somewhat familiar with the British Cycling and League rules:

Timing Chips

Like most leagues, the NDCXL uses timing chips to make it faster and easier to work out who finished in what position. You can even see your lap times and compare yourself to your nearest rivals!
So, you’ll get a chip when you collect your number – the important points:

  • Wear the chip on your left ankle
  • Chip goes under your sock, if possible, please. This helps to stop anything getting caught in the strap and means it’ll be slightly less coated in mud when you return it…
  • Please remember to return your timing chip after the event! We’ve all ridden in cold, wet “modders” so we know it’s not the first thing on your mind but we appreciate your efforts (especially as the league has to pay for missing chips).
  • If you forget to return your chip after your race and can’t return your chip at the next event or there’s a big gap between events, please return the chip to Smartiming and let us know:

    7 Jackdaw Quarry
    LA6 1AD

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