Race Preview / Notes for Saturday 21st event – Markeaton Park


So, it looks like it’s time for Round 8, back at Markeaton Park and organised by the folks at Derby Mercury. This second trip to Markeaton of the season is often the wetter Mr Hyde to the Dr Jekyll of the earlier, drier race in the season, and this year looks like no exception.

Although it’s likely to be rather wet, this course is much more than a damp version of the one earlier in the season. Course mastermind Steve Hand has designed something radically different to previous offerings, featuring  an outer and an inner circuit going in the reverse direction, very flowing and with some technical features. (Any resemblances to Barney the Dinosaur are accidental)

Looking at the stats, it’s still all to play for in the various league tables – there’s still plenty of time for those rivals to get that vicious cold you’ve been hoping they catch all season…..

See you at Markeaton!



The venue post code is DE22 4AA, with plenty of brown road signs for Markeaton Park.


The car park is a Pay & Display – don’t forget to bring some cash with you! If you’re coming in a tall vehicle, you’re likely to get marshaled to the right as you enter to avoid you losing your bikesroofaerial on the car park entrance.


Please bring your race licence, even if you pre-entered. If you cannot show your licence at signing on be prepared to buy a day licence.


Each rider will be issued with disposable back and arm numbers.

Back numbers should be positioned on the lower back with FOUR safety pins, one at each corner. Arm numbers should be positioned on the upper left shoulder, with FOUR safety pins, one at each corner.


Although we have chip timing, this is not a 100% foolproof technology, especially when it’s wet and muddy. The judging lap team really need to be able to see your numbers as a back up to the electronic timing. If you want to guarantee you’re recorded as delivering the stunning ride you’ve put in, pin properly please!

Please dispose of your number carefully – carelessly discarded numbers may result in disqualification.

Entry costs

Age category

Entry fee

Under 9


Under 12






Junior Men & Junior Women
U23s, Men & Women


Note – If you are over 16 and do not have British Cycling membership (proof in the form of a licence will be required) you will need to pay £3 for day insurance.

Race times

Age category



Under 9


7 minutes

Under 12


15 minutes



25 minutes



50 minutes

Junior Men & Junior Women
U23s, Men & Women


50 minutes

Chip timing

Please remember to wear and return your chip!

Race in category

If you wish to accumulate League points through the 2015-16 season you need to do a couple of things:

  • Join the League, or be a member of a League affiliated club – details;
  • Ride in your correct Age category – Categories.
    • Reminder – Handlebar ends

      The League does not permit bikes with bar ends in its races. It’s not a fashion thing, just safety.

      Equipment pits

      The equipment pits will once again be divided into “manned” and “unmanned” areas – please use appropriately.

      Reminder – the pits are a potentially dangerous work area and must be treated as such.

      There is lots more information in the Riders – Useful information section.

      … and finally, have a good safe race!