Minutes – SRAM NDCXL meeting 15 February 2012

SRAM Notts & Derby Cyclo-cross League committee meeting

Wednesday 15 February 2012 8pm at the Brewery Tap, Derby



Julian Gould, Russell Cox, Neil Mansfield, Mick Gascoigne, Gavin Hardwicke, Lee Shunburne, Sarah Naylor, Harry Gould and Mary Gill

  1. Apologies
    Graham Snodden, Ian Gascoigne, Karen Lifford and John Holmes.

  2. Matters arising
    Corrections to minutes of 12 October 2012:
    Russell Cox (RC) omitted to sign in so missed from attendees.
    RC would like discussion regarding Lap duration to be noted.
    Proposed: RC, seconded: Lee Shunburne (LS) – Carried

  3. Matters arising
    Women’s start
    Sarah Naylor (SN) reported on her findings after surveying women’s opinions:
    Majority of women favoured a separate start and female prizes.
    ACTION: SN to write up proposal for AGM.
    U9U12 starts
    RC asked the meeting to approve his use of signs for the age boxes.

  4. Chairman’s report
    Season end reached with massive increase in participation.
    Thanked everybody involved in success.

  5. Secretary’s report
    Stepping down as League Secretary – Julian Gould (JG) thanked.
    ACTION: Mary Gill (MG) to post vacancy on website, forum, etc.
    A parent complained about new  U9U12 start arrangements at Holme Pierrepont round.
    Website received 33,500+ visitors since last meeting with 730 visiting on New Years Day!
    MG will  retain web responsibilities.

  6. Treasurer’s report
    Monies in at a record high, also record number of promoting clubs.
    Levies have been paid.
    Prize fund discussed and agreed.
    Medals purchased.
    The SRAM special award will be used to purchase the two U10s prizes and books and prize monies for the ever present riders.
    Trailer fund approved.

  7.  Race reviews
    – 15 October 2011 – Belper BC – Alfreton Park
    First attempt at revised U9U12 start procedure. Relatively successful though crashes not altogether avoided.
    Toilet facilities were made available.
    – 22 October 2011 – VC Nottingham – Bingham Leisure Centre
    Dry conditions and a smaller field. Good event.
    – 29 October 2011 – Mercia CC – Rosliston Forestry Centre
    Well organised with good facilities and HQ. Fast course.
    Should consider a double pit and a longer start box.
    – 12 November 2011 – Derby Mercury RC – Sinfin
    Slightly damp, good course, good event.
    – 19 November 2011 – Nottingham Clarion CC – Holme Pierrepoint
    Nice “new venue”. Crash at senior start. Needs better deployment of marshalls.
    Excellent startfinish areas.
    – 17 December 2011 –  Sherwood Pines CyclesSherwood CC – Sherwood Pines Forest Park
    Course still not ideal – however choices are limited. Youth lap too long. Poorly signed for pre-riding.
    – 31 December 2011 – Matlock CC – Thornbridge Outdoors
    Lots of non-finishers due to heavy conditions.
    – 21 January 2012 – VC Long Eaton – Draycott House Farm
    New organiser and new venue – both good.
    Very windy – all organisers should be encouraged to place tape low on posts in windy conditions.
    Windyshowery conditions made use of the computer impossible.
    One rider DQ’d.
    – 4 February 2012 – Ashfield RC – Darley Moor
    Wintery conditions with snow. Lap length OK.

  8. Prize fund allocation
    ‘Covered in Treasurer;s report.

  9. Equipment review
    Numbers in good order, but lots missing, quality of safety pins variable.
    ACTIONS: Missing numbers list to be issued RC and posted MG. Safety pins to be purchased by RC.
    Next season permanent numbers should be issued to the first 85 riders and 15 after the first few rounds – to prevent too many un-used numbers.
    ACTION: Issue permanent numbers RC.

  10. Amendment to rule 6.6 for clarification
    There was much discussion around the working of rule 6.6.
    ACTION: Neil Mansfield (NM) to write up proposal for AGM.

  11. Any other business
    RC commented that the start boxes which have been safe and  successful for 10 years now require some review with participation likely to rise.
    Mick Gascoigne reported that on occasions pits at events are appalling with unmanned bikes, wheels, etc, plus youngsters, animals, etc. Needs “policing”.
    Only League Private members should sign start sheets  as private member.
    The meeting discussed the purchase of the Mixed Team Trophy in honour of Viv Cox’s relative Eric W Rogers.
    ACTION: RC to ask Viv who will purchase.

  12. Date of AGM
    Saturday 17  March 2012
    ACTION: MG to arrange – try for SRAM HQ.