Women’s race start procedures

As voted in at the AGM (17 March 2012), this season will see a change to the way the women’s race is run. In summary, this season women competitors should sign on on the separate sheet, take a pink race number and go to the back of the grid at the start, You will be starting after the main race has gone.

Here is some more detail:

  • Women’s race will be separate but run within the main race
  • Women will have a separate signing on sheet and number set starting from 300
  • At the start women competitors should gather at the back of the main field and will be called forward once the main race has gone
  • The women’s race will start ~2 min after the main race but this may be increased or decreased depending on field size course etc
  • Women’s race finishes with the men
  • Women’s result will be published as a separate result
  • Women will have their own league with 150 points to winner, 149 for second etc
  • Women’s points added to men’s for purpose of team award
  • Women can choose to race in the main race but will not be included in the women’s league or women’s prizes if this is the case.
  • Any women racing in the main race will take main race numbers
    • Note: There is no compulsion for women to race in the women’s race, but in not doing so you will be ineligible for women’s league points and prizes