Agenda – SRAM NDCXL AGM 17 March 2012


Saturday 17th March 2012 1:00pm – SRAM HQ, Clay Cross


1. Apologies

2. Minutes of Previous Meeting

3. Chairman’s Report

4. Secretary’s Report

5. Treasurer’s Report

6. Sponsorship

7. Election of Committee

8. Rule changes

From NDCXL committee with thanks to Neil Mansfield
Background – to clarify

6.6 If the Regional Championships are held within the NDCXL area and designated a full round of the series, average league points shall be awarded, upon completion of the race. To encourage participation in the Regional Championships if not designated a full round of the series, riders participating in the event shall be entitled to receive their average league points upon completion of the race, but if the total number of scoring rounds then exceeds the maximum allowable under rule 6.3 an additional lowest race points score shall be deducted for calculation of final league position.

From Andrew and Sarah Naylor
Background – to modify women’s racing

To start the Women’s Race as a separate event 2 min behind the main race.

 Surveying the women competitors last year indicated that this change to the Women’s Race was the most popular option.  It removes any disparity which has sometimes arisen when this category has been spread across several start boxes, and provides the category with a fair competition amongst itself.
The current method of lap scoring would be unchanged. The duration of the Women’s Race would remain at 50 minutes, with the race concluding on the same lap as the leading man, as is currently the case. Results would be produced for the entire race combined, with the women’s positions spread through the main field as usual.
The change would require the creation of a separate Women’s League Table from the start of the season, rather than retrospectively at the end of the season. League points would be awarded separately for the Women’s Race, starting with 50 points for the win, 49 for second place, and so on. Women wishing to start with the SeniorsVetsJuniors would be free to do so, but would no longer be considered to be competing in the Women’s Race and as such would not be eligible for Women’s prize money, league points or national ranking points. Women wishing to compete with the SeniorsVetsJuniors must sign on as such, and not on the signing on sheet for the Women’s Race.
The following rule changes (in italics) would be required to implement this proposal:

 5.6 Events shall normally be held on Saturdays, except any held over the Christmas holiday period, to the following timetable: Under 9’s 12:00 noon duration 7 minutes; Under 12’s 12:30pm duration 15 minutes; Youth (Including ‘Go Ride’ entries) 1:00pm duration 25 minutes; Senior race (including Junior and Veteran categories) 2:15pm duration 50 minutes; Women’s Race 2:17pm duration 50 minutes.

 5.8 Current League tables standings for Senior, Women, Youth, U12 and U9s league shall be produced after the first 2 events of the season, and published in time for counting event number 3 and updated and published prior to each subsequent event to the end of the season.

 5.9 The senior race starts shall be ranked to aid safety. Five boxes each six-meter wide by 12-metre long shall be marked on the ground one behind the other. The width of the course around the start boxes should be at least 8 metres, with the start boxes centred on this.

 Box 1 is for riders who are in the top 100 of the BC SENIOR National rankings plus riders who are not ranked in the top 100 who are in the Top 20 of the current League table. The top 100 BC SENIOR National ranked riders will take precedence in lining up in this box.

 Box 2 is for riders positioned 21st – 50th in the current League table.

 Box 3 is for riders positioned 51st and above the current League table and visitor riders.

Box 4 is for any rider not eligible for the other boxes or who wants to take a more leisurely start.

 Box 5 is for women competing in the Women’s Race.

 The start officialCommissaire has discretionary powers to move riders between boxes to ensure a fair and safe start.


 The Women’s Race will start 2 minutes after the start of the Senior Junior Veterans race.

 At the start of the season the previous year’s league finish positions will be used for the first 2 league events.

 6.1 The Senior League competition shall be based on points scored as follows: 200 points to the winner of each race, 199 to the second and so on down to one point for 200th place. The Women’s League competition shall be based on points scored as follows: 50 points to the winner of each race, 49 to the second and so on down to one point for 50th place.

 7.3.1 Senior Junior and Veteran League to at least the first fifty plus at least the highest placed junior and all veteran categories.

7.3.2 Women’s League to at least the first three plus at least the highest placed junior and veteran women categories.

 9. Date fixing

10. AOB

11. Date of next meeting