Finale looming at Chilwell

It was only a few weeks ago that we were all talking about #CrossIsComing and we are already preparing for the final race of the season at Chilwell Barracks.

The event is brought to you by Fossa Racing with help from Ashfield RC.  The course will again be very similar to last year, with the usual mix of grass, woodland and tarmac across the hillside. The only new addition to look out for is a sandpit for an added challenge, and we can all wonder what fun we can have with the bowl at the top of the course this year!

The majority of the course is visible from the event arena so it’s great for spectating. The ground conditions are damp and it may cut up in places, we might even have some mud for you.

Toilets and changing are provided in the buildings next to the barn and will be signposted.

Please remember to register your vehicles and drivers please bring photo ID on the day.  If coming by bike or on foot you will also need photo ID.