Broxtowe drift… race preview

There’s something particularly sticky and slippery about the mud at Broxtowe – and this year it will be exactly the same. The course runs through the slopes of Broxtowe park, largely on grass but dipping through the woods many times. In places the grass tends to be lumpy and tufty and it can be very wet if the heavens open. Several sections will see riders choosing whether to run or ride and inevitably debate the best lines on Facebook after the race 🙂 The ‘Drift Descent’ out of the woods towards the pits can be a bit of ‘point and hope’ with seemingly zero grip but fun nonetheless. With some sources forecasting snow for Saturday we could have a new challenge for the 16-17 season.

There are changes to the course layout this year though. The ‘Ditch’ features twice – run or ride: both will be a challenge so make sure your studs are firmly screwed in. It can usually be ridden by the committed / brave / nutters. The single track is gone, replaced by a hard fought route through the woods. Even the climb away from the pits, ‘The Sticky Rise’, has been adjusted – at one point you’ll even be riding down it rather than staggering up it.

The under 9s have a longer more interesting challenge and the under 12s will be tested on their ‘Tour de Pits’.

But no change to the course will make the Nottinghamshire mud any less sticky or slippery. So when you arrive at NG8 6AX ask yourself how low can you go? Tyre pressures on Saturday will be key.

Practical notes:
Trophies – please return to David Jack (Kenda tent) if you still have one from last year

Number pinning – the scoring team have again asked that riders carefully pin shoulder numbers so that they are NOT CREASED and EASILY SEEN from the front. Riders who are difficult to identify cause a massive headache.

Security – Broxtowe park is a public place and the car park is at the end of the course and so please be security aware. (Sadly a pair of Kinesis were stolen at the National Champs on Saturday – it does happen!).

Richard Shenton / Neil Mansfield