Queries and affiliations

I have to say that our results team perform some magic each week with their mega-excel processing of hundreds of riders and thousands of laps being completed.  Sometimes a glitch can creep in and here is how things are dealt with…

Chip timing queries

If you need to query a result from the chip timing this is done through the RESULT QUERY FORM in the FAQs list.  The process is…

  • the form gets looked at by the volunteer results team
  • the result gets checked against manual timekeeper record
  • the official result on British Cycling website will be updated if the chip timing contained an error
  • the league tables will be updated accordingly

Note – the chip timing data will not be updated as a result of this process and you will not receive a reply from the volunteer team confirming their actions; they can have a lot of queries to process and dig through but yours will be looked at.

The best solution is to make sure the timing is good in the first place so do take care on where you place the chip.


A few weeks ago we posted about the importance of correct affiliations on your license and sign on sheet.  https://www.ndcxl.org.uk/2016/09/28/kit-rules-and-pit-rules/  There are still riders who have no / incorrect club affiliations when they enter races.  The results team can only go on what your official records at British Cycling say and so please ensure that it is correct.  Contact BC if you are having problems or it needs correcting.