Race Preview – Round 12 – Bakewell – Matlock CC

Matlock CC Matlock CC

Yes, it’s that time of year again….no, not Christmas, it’s almost time for the Bakewell Showground round of NDCXL, courtesy of our festive friends at Matlock CC!

Those of you who rode last year’s round at Bakewell will remember the winning formula (flat floodplain + water + CX race = EPIC), and this year is likely to be similarly awesome, given reports of the current state of the showground. It also good to know that we’ll be crossing Coombs Road again to tackle the NDCXL equivalent of the Koppenberg (without cobbles obviously)

For those of your bringing jetwashers, there’s a drop off point for these as you come into the Showground to save you walking with them. Hopefully you’ll have all bought your loved ones (AKA long-suffering pit crew) enough gifts this festive season to encourage them away from the sofa and the boxes of chocolate on Sunday.

Although there have been some league tables already wrapped up, there’s still a lot of shaking up to be done in most of them, so don’t miss the opportunity to bag some points.

As a final note, yes – mince pies apparently do count as carb loading.

See you at Bakewell!