Race Preview – Round 10 – Markeaton Park – Derby Mercury

Derby Mercury RC Derby Mercury RC

This weekend sees the second visit of the season to Marketon Park, courtesy of organisers Derby Mercury. Whilst there may only be a few tweaks to the course layout, expect a course with a significantly different character to the earlier round of the season, due to the addition of a good deal of mud.

The course is already rather damp, and with the extra rain forecast, it’s only going to get wetter. Let’s not forget the addition of the special Markeaton leaves, that love to accumulate and stop wheels from turning.

Theres likely to be plenty of dismounting required, and this together with the mud means we’re likely to see success for those particular type riders of riders who thrive in slightly chaotic conditions.

For some this will be the last tune-up ride before the Milton Keynes National Trophy (and the chance to face some rather stiff international opposition!) so we can expect a good turnout of riders, irrespective of the weather.

See you all at Markeaton (…and fire up those jet washers!)