Minutes – SRAM NDCXL meeting 19 September 2013

NDCXL logoSRAM Notts & Derby Cyclo-cross League meeting

Thursday 19 September 2013 7:30pm at The Red Cow, Allestree



Andrew Naylor – Fossa RT

Mac Lambert – Heanor Clarion CC

Mac Lambert (Senior) – Heanor Clarion CC

John Holmes – Empella.comcyclo-cross.com RT

Russell Cox – South Pennine RC

Christine Willett – Judging Team

Gavin Hardwicke – Fossa RT

Pete Turner – Derby Mercury RC

Graham Snodden – SRAM

Mick Gascoigne – Matlock CC

Heather Wimble – South Pennine RC

Lee Shunburne – Fossa RT

John Gott – Heanor Clarion CC

Steve Hand – Derby Mercury RC

Dave Ash – Nottingham Clarion CC

Alan Day – Bolsover & District CC

Neil Mansfield – Nottingham Clarion CC

Richard Shenton – Beeston CC

Ian Gascoigne – Empella.comcyclo-cross.com RT

Pete Riley – VC Long Eaton

Tracey Fletcher – Empella.comcyclo-cross.com RT

Mary Gill – Heanor Clarion CC



Julian Gould, Matt Crouch, Sarah Naylor and Louise Kirkham


Minutes of previous meeting:

The minutes of the previous meeting were taken as read, agreed as a true and accurate record.

  • Proposer: Lee Shunburne (LS); 2nd: Chris Willett (CW) – For 20, Against 0, Abstained 0 – CARRIED

      BC Admin fee problem ongoing – Andrew Naylor (AN) and Karen Lifford still talking to Brian Furness at BC HQ.

      Commissaires list still has gaps.


Chairman’s report:

Chip timing – The first event had a few issues with chip timing and signing on arrangements. Lots learned. The second event went much more smoothly. Separate Junior starts to be enforced. Riders to be encouraged to return clean numbers – ideally to a separate queue space.ACTION: Graham Snodden (GS) has another SRAM 3x3m EZ-up coming.

Midland champs eligibility – rule 2.4 to be amended to incorporate the phrase “their respective”.

  • Proposer: LS; 2nd: GS – For 20, Against 0, Abstained 0 – CARRIED
    • ACTION: Mary Gill (MG) to update rule.
      V4050 starts – Veteran starts were discussed at length including an e-mail from Sherwood Pines rider Mervyn Dudley and a proposal to start V50s before V40s. The meeting concluded that difficulties experienced at Round 1 were unlikely to recur and that starts should remain as is, V40 then V50 with a suitable time gap.

      • For 20, Against 0, Abstained 0 – CARRIED
        • Buzz Cycles event – not happening.

          Bar ends – Minutes of meeting 28 July 2010 show that League events ban bar ends. Much discussion re subject, however the ruling came from EMCCA so cannot be overturned. The League rules to incorporate the phrase “Bar ends will not be allowed in League races for categories Youth and older.”

          • Proposer: John Holmes (JH); 2nd: Mac Lambert (ML) – For 13, Against 2, Abstained 4 – CARRIED
            • ACTION: MG to update rules.


Secretary’s report:

Nothing to report.

Treasurer’s report:

Sarah Naylor’s report via AN:Membership – 25 clubs registered – 2 paid full amount 4 Tri Life and Mansfield RC, 15 private members.Event First Aider – working out OK.

Tape – Additional tape has been purchased for organisers. £8.65 per roll. 4 x 50m rolls free per organiser with more available at cost. LS has for distribution.


Race reviews:

Round 1 – Bolsover & District CC – Hardwick Hall – 7th September – The pits were “wrong handed”. The “wiggly bit” in the finish field was too narrow. Vets start difficulties with course cross over. Good promotion. Thanks to Bolsover & District CC.

Round 2 – Team EmpellaCyclo-cross.com – Hilton Fields Farm – 14th September – Good for spectators. U12s course need to be a little longer and the pits a little larger. Sign on much improved. Another excellent promotion.


Prize presentation evening:

CW asked the League for clarification and support in organising the end of season social and prize presentation.

  • The committee offers whatever support is necessary
  • The League will cover costs if there is a shortfall in event funds
  • The room is available until midnight – the meeting agreed on a finish time of around 11pm
  • Food will be a pie and pea supper with provision for vegetarians
  • The event will be billed as a “Social and prize presentation”
  • The provisional date is 28th February 2014, 7:30pm – final confirmation to be obtained.


Lost property – to be posted on the Forum and disposed of after two events.

JH reported that he still has gaps in the Commissaire’s calendar. AN volunteered into some of those gaps. There is a provisional date of 2 November for a Commissaire course. Mac Lambert Senior (ML Sen) questioned the need for such a rigorous courseprogramme – but the committee felt that today’s trainees benefit from a well developedrounded programme.

Pete Turner (PT) requested clarification of the League points and gridding. LS explained.

GS confirmed that an additional 3x3m EZ-up would arrive to help with signing on and requested that organisers take care over the appearance of their signing on area and associated trade stands.

ACTION: MG to speak with David Jack. LS to communicate to organisers.

AN informed the meeting that the SRAM sponsorships deal end in spring 2014 and the League needs to thing about renewal.

Steve Hand (SH) requested a copy of the signing on sheets from each event to aid with results queries.

SH informed the meeting that Derby Mercury RC’s event would be held in Markeaton Park as Sinfin is not available.

The Women’s League trophy is still not available.


Next meeting

Thursday 24th October 2013 7:30pm – The Red Cow, Allestree

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