Regional Champs, prizes, shoes

A few news items:

  • If you finish your Regional Champs you can claim an ‘average points’ to replace your lowest league score.  If you are in the East Midlands (racing Scunthorpe) then our league table volunteers will pick it up and you don’t need to do anything.  If you are in a different region you need to let us know that you finished in YOUR regional champs.  Please do this via the ‘contact us – results query’ on the website.  U12s… you can race in any Regional Champs – this was requested by some NDCXLers at the committee meeting this week.
  • Prize money from Markeaton unclaimed – Michael McDermott, Adam Betts, Alex Raynard, Sam Burman.  This will be taken to Scunthorpe – see Matt Crouch.
  • Some red and yellow cycling shoes were left at Markeaton.  Matt Crouch is taking care of them.
    • Matt’s contact details are on the BC page for the Markeaton race