Storm – Club inconsistencies – First Aid

A few news updates:

  • Weather forecast for Bingham – potentially storm winds.  Please take care with gazebos / other loose items, and be prepared to take them down if it gets gusty or if requested by organisers.  Please do not leave unattended.  We will respond to the weather on the day.
  • We are going through the leagues to clean some errors in club affiliations.  Note that you are only allowed to ride for one club per cycling discipline even if you have a ‘second claim’ club.  For example, you cannot ride NDCXL for club ‘A’ and West Mids CX for club ‘B’ (….however you could ride Time Trials for club ‘B’ because it is a different discipline).  Your league affiliation must be identical to the club that you ride for in CX for this season.
  • If you need first aid during a race event please find a marshall or go to an official tent.  Most marshalls carry a radio and can communicate with our medical team.

See you in the Bingham Breeze