Round 1 – Hardwick Hall. Race Preview.

CrossIsHere! (well, almost!).

Welcome back – we are about to get into the racing. Can you remember Hardwick last year? That was the ‘late summer’ race which proved a mud-filled bike-killer where the results were not always representative of the rest of the season (it was my best result all year! – Ed).

B&DCC are excited to be hosting the first round of the 2017-18 season in the grounds of the magnificent Hardwick Hall.  There are some changes to the course this year but the ‘Bank of Despair’ is still in and the climb back up has an extra little kick at the end.

Be brave!... there's a net!
Be brave!… there’s a net!

The grass was cut last week and cuttings removed, hopefully all rear mechs will have a fun day and safe journey home!  Early forecasts are promising a bit of rain and so we might end up with some of the slidy fun from last season.

Parking is Free but we ask that you keep to the left hand side of the car park and follow the instructions of the marshals (it will be business as usual for the Hall).

The Hardwick Catering van will be in the car park for Coffee & Cake.

If it is wet, please do not use the cafe facilities for changing. Unlikely I know, its never wet for Hardwick is it (haha!).

Piece of Cake !

See you on Saturday

Pre-entry closes on 5/9.  No pre-entry = no-ride for ALL categories.

NDCXL Hardwick banner