Information for U12/U9s – gridding trial

As the popularity of the NDCXL has grown over recent years, we have had to react to the challenges that the increase in rider numbers presents. This year, we have recognised that the increasing numbers of U9 and U12 riders is presenting issues. This has been discussed in many forums and some volunteers have brought some practical ideas to the committee along with volunteering to help.

At the last committee meeting it was agreed that we would trial gridding for all U12 categories.  We are going to trial gridding by league score average for the remaining 3 rounds, starting at the next round which it at Bakewell on 27th December.

How this will work is as follows:

A separate gridding list will be produced for both the U9 and U12 races; this list will be based on the riders average score from all rounds completed. Any zero score from a DNF or a missed round will not be included in the average.

10 minutes before the start of each race, the gridding process will begin. Rider’s names will be called out based on their gridding position and the rider will then move forward to the start line to take up their chosen position. A volunteer official will be on the start line ensuring a safe number of riders per row and that there and no over-lapping wheels between rows.

If a rider misses their name being called, they will need to join the grid at the back.

Guest or non-league riders will need to join the back of the grid. Exceptions to this may be made (no guarantees) if the rider or parent provides evidence to the Commissaires 1 hour before the race start of a previous result within the League.

Your help as a parent or rider with this process will be greatly appreciated and is vital to its success. The course remains open for practise to all categories until the gridding process begins and so it’s important for the riders own safety that they do not congregate on and block the course for other riders. Riders blocking / hanging about on the course before the gridding commences may lose their slot and have to start at the back. The time is much better spent riding about keeping warm. As all riders will be called forward to their appropriate position, there is no benefit in being the first to the gridding area and then standing about.

Looking forward to a stress-free start in the U12/U9s!