Race Preview / Notes for Saturday 14th event – Holme Pierrepont

After another National Trophy-related pause, we’re back again this weekend for Round 7 at Holme Pierrepont, courtesy of the team at Nottingham Clarion.

Holme Pierrepoint can probably now claim to be one of the most varied and technical of the NDCXL courses, with lots of tricky single track, and a few steep banks to contend with. The Clarion team have been working hard to plan the course out for this year, but the only cryptic news so far released is that it will be similar, but not quite the same!

With the amount of recent rainfall it would seem as though we’ve finally reached the point in the season where the mud-lovers out there are happy. Holme Pierrepoint is likely to have its fair share of this, but it’s likely to be on the slippy, rather than the sticky side.

See you at HP!



Holme Pierrepont Watersports Centre, Adbolton Lane, Holme Pierrepont, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG12 2LU

The event is located the ‘starting’ end of the rowing lake. Access is via Adbolton lane approx. 1km pass the main entrance to Holme Pierrepont.

Please do not wash bikes in the lake. Parents, don’t let you children play innear the lake. (The Ford Capris have been known to bite)


This year there is addition parking in the ski tow car park (500m walk to start). When this car park is full or if you have pit equipment you will be directed to park alongside the rowing lake. Please park fully on the grass to keep the road clear.


Please bring your race licence, even if you pre-entered. If you cannot show your licence at signing on be prepared to buy a day licence.


Each rider will be issued with disposable back and arm numbers.

Back numbers should be positioned on the lower back with FOUR safety pins, one at each corner. Arm numbers should be positioned on the upper left shoulder, with FOUR safety pins, one at each corner.


It’s worth bringing your own pins as organisers’ supplies often aren’t infinite…

Although we have chip timing, this is not a 100% foolproof technology, especially when it’s wet and muddy. The judging lap team really need to be able to see your numbers as a back up to the electronic timing. If you want to guarantee you’re recorded as delivering the stunning ride you’ve put in, pin properly please!

Please dispose of your number carefully – carelessly discarded numbers may result in disqualification.

Entry costs

Age category

Entry fee

Under 9


Under 12






Junior Men & Junior Women
U23s, Men & Women


Note – If you are over 16 and do not have British Cycling membership (proof in the form of a licence will be required) you will need to pay £3 for day insurance.

Race times

Age category



Under 9


7 minutes

Under 12


15 minutes



25 minutes



50 minutes

Junior Men & Junior Women
U23s, Men & Women


50 minutes

Chip timing

Please remember to wear and return your chip!

Race in category

If you wish to accumulate League points through the 2015-16 season you need to do a couple of things:

  • Join the League, or be a member of a League affiliated club – details;
  • Ride in your correct Age category – Categories.
    • Reminder – Handlebar ends

      The League does not permit bikes with bar ends in its races. It’s not a fashion thing, just safety.

      Equipment pits

      The equipment pits will once again be divided into “manned” and “unmanned” areas – please use appropriately.

      Reminder – the pits are a potentially dangerous work area and must be treated as such.

      There is lots more information in the Riders – Useful information section.

      … and finally, have a fun, safe race!