We’re back!

So – we’re back!

It’s time to reacquaint yourselves with those funny looking bikes that have been in the back of the shed since January, and those funny looking people from other clubs who you haven’t seen for ages either.

There’s a Race Preview Notes post coming shortly for this weekend, but in advance of this, here’s a quick to-do list for this week…


1.Check your League Membership – if you’re in an affiliated club, it’s always worth checking your club member responsible for NDCXL affiliation has sent all the paperwork off. Please note – if you are in an affiliated club, the club joins the league, and you don’t have to do anything – you automatically show in the league tables.

If you’re wishing to join as a private member because you live in the region, it’s up to you to send your own paperwork off. Either way – check here for details

2.Enter the race online – you don’t have to enter online, but think how much easier it’ll be on Saturday if you pre-enter. You won’t have to look for cash or queue behind everyone else. You can enter here. Pre-entry closes midnight-ish on Tuesday

3.On a serious note, please refresh your memory in terms of Race Etiquette. If you’re being lapped by faster riders, or being caught by faster riders from another category, you should surrender the racing line. Although the BC rule doesn’t state this explicitly (due to increased participation and race splits the whole country has leapt ahead of the rule) this is how the league interprets this. Surrendering the racing line usually means being aware of riders coming up behind you, and being prepared to move to one side based on a request. If you are fortunate enough to be the faster rider doing the passing, please ensure that your request is clear, polite and sensible regarding how and when you wish to pass (and make sure you pass safely too)

4.Safety Pins and Numbers – pins will be given out at the first race, and the first race only. Eight pins. Four in each number. One in each corner. If you’re not sure how they should be pinned, have a look at a few other people. If yours look different, you’ve probably done it wrong.

A final general point:

The website has migrated between servers. There are still a few links that don’t work, but we’re fixing these fairly swiftly. The forum is still being worked on, with the expectation being that we will shortly have a shiny new forum. In the meantime, we have a Facebook page and a Twitter feed. Let us have feedback tales of glory from the first race of the season!