Agenda – SRAM NDCXL AGM 13 March 2015


Friday 13th March 2015 7:30pm – The John Godber Centre, Hucknall




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Marianne Heffron – Zepnat RT

Amend – Rules; events point 1.2 appendix C

U14 girls and boys gridded and start together.U14 and U16 girls gridded and start together.

Reason: In both cases there would still be two races with riders competing for their own category win.For both case  I feel that the youth girl numbers are low and the ability range within the category is vast, resulting in many girls either racing alone or simply target tin riders ahead to catch. It would be better experience to have a mass gridded start and to learn to race with other performance peers around you. Since numbers are low and grinding can be done easily using ave point scores this should not be dangerous and all would still have their own race category to compete for.

Neil Mansfield – Nottingham Clarion CC

Rules – Amend 1.21

U9 and U12 events will be gridded in rows, with number of riders per row decided by officials on the day. The first 20 riders by league average points will be called up in order (rounds 3 onwards). For rounds 1 and 2, gridding will be based on the previous season’s league table. If any called up rider is absent there will be no substitutions to make up numbers. The remaining riders will be gridded by year of birth.Non-League riders who consider they should be placed high on the grid should contact officials a minimum of 1 hour before race start and may be asked to provide supporting evidence for grid position (other League table, or recent results). This does not guarantee a top 20 gridded place.Riders who fail to take up their gridding position when called will forego that position.

Reason: Proposal supported by Neil Mansfield (Nottm Clarion), Tim Cooper (B&DCC), Bob Howe (Heanor Clarion), Dom Limb (Matlock CC).Background:U12 starts were changed a few seasons ago. This has largely been a success but it is becoming increasingly difficult to marshal as all riders want to be at the front.A second issue is that there are a few talented riders that are not old enough to start in the front group. For these exceptional riders they should be given opportunity to start with others of equivalent ability such that they can develop as riders.The following change will make the starts easier and safer, and remove incentive for ‘role model’ riders to hang around for long periods before their start. The rule change is similar to that which works well in WMCCL.
The number of riders called up can be reviewed mid-season if necessary.
There is support for this change from several clubs, and the volunteer who does the U12s leagues. There is support from volunteers who are happy to organise and implement the call-up on race day.

Roelof du Toit – Newark Castle CC

Rules – Amend 1.21

To aid safety at the start of the U9 and U12 races, the start shall be gridded by previous weeks top 15 results and then by age. A clearly marked start area should be sectioned off to prevent riders congregating in the general area until a pre-determined time. The Start Official will call up the riders, and proceed to allow the riders to line up by rank and then by year of birth (as opposed to age on day of race). A small gap may be left between each category if deemed appropriate by the Start Official.

Reason: The under 9 race has had some very talented younger riders this last season who constantly feature in the top 5 to 10 positions. This means that they have to fight their way through the entire field of slower older riders. This is both unsafe (the same reason we grid by age) and demoralising.Seeding the top 15 or even 20 from the previous weeks results is a very simple solution and will also encourage riders not to miss a round as it will remove them from the front of the grid.Lincoln and West Midlands both employed a similar method of gridding last season with success.

Rob Wimble – Private Member

Rules – Amend 1.8 appendix E

Junior and above Online entry only

Reason: To make the organisers workload easier as they do not have to work out prizes on the day.the second benefit is event safety as signing on would not have to hold on to £2-3000 in cash on the day.

Rob Wimble – Private Member

Rules – Amend 1.8.1

Online entries will close at midnight on Tuesday 11 days before the event.

Reason: This is to allow for the event monies to be paid by BC to the organiser well before the day of the event so as to allow the organiser time complete the organiser work sheet and obtain the necessary money.

Neil Mansfield – Nottingham Clarion CC

Rules – Amend 2.3


Reason: Clarification of current procedure. This caused confusion amongst riders at the end of 14-15 season. No change will be needed in spreadsheets etc.


Date setting for 201516 season