Race Preview – Round 13 – Chetwynd Barracks– Fossa RT and Ashfield RC

After a two week break to allow for some National Trophy and National Championships action, the SRAM NDCXL is back with a race that can probably claim to be the most hilly of the season – Chetwynd Barracks. Hidden away between houses and a military facility, this venue is the NDCXL equivalent of Area 51, and is only rideable once a year.

Fossa RT and Ashfield RC have been working hard to prepare a varied and challenging course including woods, grassy cambers, tarmac and obviously plenty of climbing!

In a spectator-friendy move, the big change from last year’s course will see all the course in the lower two fields so that all the racing action will be visible from the central area.

With recent extremes of weather it’s hard to accurately predict the conditions on the day, but at last weeks inspection the ground was damp but not muddy.

Whilst a number of the league tables look pretty well sewn up, there’s always still the chance that people can drop downwards, especially when the final table shuffles are done, so don’t miss out on the chance for some late points – there’s only one more race after this one!
See you at Chetwynd – don’t forget that photo ID!