Race Preview – Round 7 – Swadlincote – Mercia Cycling Club

Mercia CC Mercia CC

This weekend’s NDCXL Round 7 edges close to the boundaries of Derbyshire and visits Swadlincote, famed amongst other things for its dry ski slope.

First things first then in terms of race preview – the weather. The Met Office seem to suggest there won’t be rain in Swadlincote until next Monday. Organisers Mercia CC are suggesting that it should be a fast, jetwash-free race. Whether you believe either of them is of course up to you.

Next – the course. Will it include the ski slope itself? No.

From the description Mercia CC have provided it sounds as though it will please those riders looking for a varied, technical course though, and will include multiple features in a compact area. “Zig-Zag bit“, “Sharp turn back up the grass bank“,  “Small Grassy Humps” & “Just-rideable grassy bank” will all be on offer to tease and tantalise racers. The fact that the race is on the site of a dry ski slope would suggest that it might be worth bringing some climbing legs too.

With last weekend’s Trophy racing out of the way it looks as though we will see a bigger and tougher field than at Alfreton, and the pre-entry lists certainly bear this out.

See you on the slopes!