Race Preview – Round 6 – Alfreton – Belper BC

Ignoring the lack of success in terms of weather course condition prediction of the last Race Preview (i.e. it wasn’t a mud bath at Bingham), it’s time to take a look at this weekend’s NDCXL race – Round 6 at Alfreton, organised by Belper BC.

Last year’s Alfreton round started with a relatively firm course, but steady rain. By the end of the day the amount of rain had overwhelmed the ground a little, and gave us the first ‘proper’ muddy race of the season. This Saturday’s forecast looks a lot brighter than last year, but nothing’s ever for certain is it?

What is guaranteed is a high standard of organisation at the course itself. In an attempt to improve on the successful event last year Belper BC have made a few changes that will hopefully increase riders’ enjoyment and make for an even more professional event.

In addition to the normal great courses, this year will see the introduction of Men’s and Women’s heated changing rooms, hot showers, tea & cakes and most importantly a licensed bar in the Cricket Pavilion!

This is the first time the organisers have attempted this so please use these additional facilities to their full potential and hopefully this will then continue for the next several years. It goes without saying that riders and spectators should treat the facilities with respect (don’t use the showers as a bike kit washing area!).

Thinking in terms of league rankings, this weekend represents the first NDCXL race of the season with a National Trophy race on the Sunday (Southampton). Whilst racing two CX races in two days is certainly possible, it will be interesting to see who chooses to keep their legs fresh for Sunday and is thus absent from the race action on Saturday. The league tables themselves are still tantalisingly close.

See you at Alfreton!