Minutes – SRAM NDCXL meeting 4 September 2014

NDCXL logoSRAM Notts & Derby Cyclo-cross League meeting

Thursday 4 September 2014 7:30pm at The Red Cow, Allestree




Pete Turner – Derby Mercury CC

Neil Mansfield – Nottingham Clarion CC

Andy Naylor – Fossa RT

Sarah Naylor – Fossa RT

Karen Lifford – British Cycling

Pete Lifford – PM

Fred Lambert – Heanor Clarion CC

Mac Lambert – Heanor Clarion CC

Steve Hand – Derby Mercury CC

Lee Shunburne – Fossa RT

John Holmes – Team Empellacyclo-cross.com

Richard Shenton – Beeston CC

Gavin Hardwicke – Fossa RT

Nigel Gill – Heanor Clarion CC

Mary Gill – Heanor Clarion CC




Louise Kirkham, Chris Rowe, Matt Crouch and Graham Snodden.


Minutes of previous meeting:

The minutes of the previous meeting were taken as read, agreed as a true and accurate record.

  • Proposer: Lee Shunburne (LS); 2nd: Pete Turner – For 10, Against 0, Abstained 0 – CARRIED

      All actions completed.


Chairman’s report


League levy – The EMCCA levy has been reduced to 50p therefore propose an increase the League levy by 50p.

  • Proposer: Sarah Naylor (SN); 2nd: Mac Lambert (ML) – For 10, Against 0, Abstained 0 – CARRIED
ACTION: SN to forward Excel Levy form to Mary Gill (MG) for sharing.


Race numbers – After further investigation, including testing Mick Gascoynes’s material which proved to be unsatisfactory, the League has purchased disposable race numbers:

  • 1 – 700 for each round – arm and back numbers with (round specific) coloured band
  • 701 – 900 – arm and back numbers
  • At a cost of £1,545.95 including VAT – a considerable saving on previous quotes.
    • A number of safety pins have been purchased, however riders will need to bring their own.

A rule change to deter riders littering was proposed: “Any rider found discarding litter, eg. gel wrappers, race number etc will be removed the result.”

  • Proposer: Neil Mansfield (NM); 2nd: ML – For 10, Against 0, Abstained 0 – CARRIED
ACTION: MG to update rule, produce Rulebook 101 and issue reminder(s) re safety pins.


Organisers meeting – All organisers have been invited. Proposed areas for discussion:

  • Prize money spreadsheet
  • Branding
  • Mick Gascoyne getting help with set upbreak down
  • Prize presentations
  • Commentator
  • Youngsters prizes.
ACTION: Karen Lifford to supply projector.


Presentation evening – The John Godber Centre, Hucknall has been booked at a cost of £130. SN is investigating buffet prices. NDCXL medals will be created – die set up costs are £125, with each pressing £2.70 for 50mm medals of 3mm thickness.

ACTION: SN to continue buffet work.


Volunteer expenses – have been set:40pmile car, 10pmile trailer, 5pmile passenger and £5 for subsistance.The EMCCA will pay voluntter expenses for the 2014-15 season.

 ACTION: ML to co-ordinate.


Secretary’s report

Nothing to report.

Treasurer’s report

League membershps received: 10 Private members and 10 Clubs.



Peter Lifford asked the meeting to consider discounts for Private members who volunteer in League roles. The meeting requested that this be proposed to the AGM.

Steve Hand asked and Karen Lifford (KL) confirmed that the extra column on results sheets should contain membership numbers.

LS asked KL if she knew what the signing on sheets iwll look like this season – KL had no information.

Pete Turner asked the meeting for clarification of the Midland Champs a WMCCL appear to be holding their own. AN confirmed that WMCCL event will be a West Mids champ and that the Mid Champs will be at Cranwell.

PT asked wether the League had considered creating a “wish list” – things it would like to achieve, eg. Press Officer.

SN mentioned that she’s created fabricvelcro pieces for displaying queue signs and results in SRAM tents at events.

Next meeting:

9th Octiber 2014



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