Rulebook 101 – Midland Champs

Any rider, in any age category, that completes a race in the Midland Championships will receive their ‘average points’ in the League.

Meaning, that for just turning up and completing the race, all your other points scored over the season, will be added together, and divided by the number of races completed, to give your average score. This is what you will be given for the Midland Championship round. QED.

Now it gets a little more complicated …

As the Midland Championships are held somewhere in the middle of the season, the points scored for this race will vary, as the season carries on, and you complete more races.

If the Midland Championships is held in the NDCXL area, and promoted by one of our clubs, it will usually be classed as a ’round’ of the League. In every way, apart from the allocation of points, it will work as a ‘normal’ NDCXL event.

If the Midland Championships is held outside the NDCXL area (West Mids, Lincs, Leicester), then it will be classed as an ‘extra’ round in the NDCXL league. You will still be allocated your average points (as above), but you will then be able to lose an extra one of your lowest scores.

And finally … …

If you are a member of a NDCXL club, but happen to live outside the British Cycling MIDLANDS region, you will have to compete in the Regional Championships that you live in. Just let us know that you’ve done it, we’ll check the results (not that we don’t believe you), and you will be allocated points as detailed above.