Rulebook 101 – the pits

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As we mentioned in Rulebook 101 – the beginning our events are governed by British Cycling’s rules. That means that League events must have Equipment pits – Section 10:


10.1 The equipment pit is that part of the circuit where riders can change wheels or bicycles. Servicing and the
changing of bicycles will only be allowed in these pits. Any rider passing the exit of the pit area must continue
on the course until reaching the next pit area. The provision of equipment pits is obligatory in all races
except those for under 12s and those promoted under the Go-Cross category.
10.2 In category C races a minimum of one and a maximum of two pit areas shall be provided. In category B races
and above two single pits, or one double pit as defined in regulation 10.4, shall be provided. Equipment pits
shall be judiciously located adjacent to the course, in places where speeds are not high, but not on stony or
downhill stretches. They shall be free of artificial obstacles.
10.3 Movement is permitted between pit areas, but at no time must a pit attendant obstruct riders while changing pit
10.4 If, during each lap, riders pass two points sufficiently close to each other, just one pit – known as a double pit –
may be set up at that point, provided that it meets the conditions set forth in article 10.2.
10.5 Pits shall be straight and in clearly defined areas. They should be signposted and precisely marked by yellow
flags at each corner.
10.6 At the side of the pit area a zone at least 2 metres deep shall be set aside for riders’ assistants and their
10.7 In Premier and category A events the race lane and the pit lane shall be separated and distinctly marked out by
tape or barriers. A rider may use the pit lane only in the event of a change of bicycle or wheel. Access shall be
provided for riders’ assistants only on one side of the pit lane.