Minutes – SRAM NDCXL meeting 15 August 2013

NDCXL logoSRAM Notts & Derby Cyclo-cross League meeting

Thursday 15 August 2013 7:30pm at The Red Cow, Allestree



Andrew Naylor – Fossa RT

Lee Shunburne – Fossa RT

Karen Lifford – British Cycling

Mac Lambert – Heanor Clarion CC

Matt Hall – Buzz Cycles RT

Steve Hand – Derby Mercury RC

Mac Lambert (Senior) – Heanor Clarion CC

John Holmes – Empella.com RTCyclo-cross.com

Richard Shenton – Beeston CC

Gavin Hardwicke – Foss RT

Mick Gascoigne – Matlock CC

Margaret Gascoigne



Louise Kirkham, John Gott, Sarah Naylor, Russell Cox, Matt Crouch and Pete Turner.

Minutes of previous meeting: 

The minutes of the previous meeting were taken as read, agreed as a true and accurate record.

  • Proposer: Steve Hand (SH); 2nd: Mac Lambert (ML) – For 11, Against 0, Abstained 0 – CARRIED
    • Actions all complete and matters arising are all covered by Agenda items.


Chairman’s report:

Update on test event and season preparationsThe organisers meeting and test event went smoothly with the chip timing working well – thanks to all who attended.Tape – the League will give each event organiser 4x 50m rolls (total 2km) in addition to the 34 SRAM tape allocation.First Aid – in place. The first aider will arrive at each event for 10:30am. The League will pay for First Aid direct.Online entry – there are still some events where the BC Online entry hasn’t system hasn’t been completed: Empella.com RTCyclo-cross.com, VC Long Eaton, Derby Mercury RC and Sherwood Pines Cycles Co-operative Motor Group.

Junior women entry fees omitted on website.

The meeting also discussed fixing a time within each event when prize presentations would take place and specific actions should a rider forget to wear their chip during a race – both were shelved for discussion at a later date.

ACTION: Lee Shunburne (LS) to chase organisers to complete their Online entry details and price bulk order tape.Mary Gill (MG) to update Junior women fees.

Update on transfer of bank accountAll monies, except outstanding prize cheques, have now been received and banked.

Club registration16 League memberships now received: Ashbourne CC, Beeston CC, Bolsover & District CC, Cycle Derby CC, Empella.comCyclo-cross.com RT, Fossa RT, Heanor Clarion CC, Matlock CC, Mercia CC, MyTriClub, Newark Castle CC, Nottingham Clarion CC, Sherwood Pines CC, South Pennine RC, VC Long Eaton, VC Nottingham and one private member.

Race numbersRussell Cox (RC) has worked on the existing number sets and, with the use of oldincomplete sets, has managed to bring together “set” suitable for the 201314 season.The yellow set 1 – 100 to be used for the Senior (inc Juniors & U23s) race. This will be substituted with with numbers 200+ if there are more than 100 riders.The meeting offers a huge vote of thanks to Russell whose actions have saved the League several hundred pounds.

ACTION: LS to inform RC of 200+ decision.

Online entry feeIt was the League’s intention to roll the BC 70p levy into the Online Entry fee – unfortunately owing to an administrative glitch at BC HQ this has not happened. The League wishes to keep the fee “hidden”. Karen Lifford (KL) will speak with BC next week to fix.

ACTION: KL to speak with BC re 70p’s, LS to communicate with Organisers.

Youth griddingThe League received a proposal from Nottingham Clarion CC’s Graeme Swadling to gridstart the Youth riders by year of birth. The meeting discussed this at length, eventually deciding to stick with the current U16 boys, U14 boys, U16 girls and U14 girls gridding and time gaps at the discretion of the Chief Commissaire. It was felt that this makes the best preparation for National events.

ACTION: MG to inform Graeme Swadling with thanks.


Secretary’s report

A caterer willing to attend League events as required has been found: Munchy’z of Mansfield. The meeting approved their attendance and welcomed the caterers willingness to attend to our inconsistent calendar and donate £20 to each event they attend.

ACTION: MG to confirm with Munchy’z and update website.

MG asked the meeting for authorisation to use the League’s web presence in “more editorial and informational” manner, eg recent request to allow Thornbridge Outdoors, a regular NDCXL venue and supporter, to publicise an event of theirs. The meeting agreed.


Treasurer’s report

The test event cost £280.SRAM have been invoiced for the 201314 sponsorship monies.In accordance with The Co-operative Bank’s document “Change of account signatories” the meeting agreed the “Certified Copy of Resolutions”.


Rules & Constitution

The meeting thanked SH, KL and MG for their efforts updating the rules and constitution. Now in the final tidy up.

ACTION: MG to amend Appendix E to allow a suitable time gap between category starts within races.



ML informed the meeting that the lap recording team would be short for the first 3 rounds.

ACTION: ML to contact Rachel Weeds.

KL reported that numbers for the Commissaries course on 31 August were low.

ACTION: MG to advertise on web.

Mick Gascoigne (MGa) showed the meeting Harry Gould’s thank you gift. The meeting thanked MGa for his assistance.

ACTION: MG to contact Harry Gould.

MG read to the meeting a message from Chris Willett requesting information regarding the prize presentation. The meeting replied with encouragement, support and thanks.

ACTION: MG to contact Chris Willett.

John Holmes (JH) informed the meeting that there is still a shortage of commissaires, with the DMRV event with no commissaire.

ACTION: JH to re-contact.


Next meeting

Thursday 19th September 2013 7:30pm – The Red Cow, Allestree

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