Minutes – SRAM NDCXL meeting 4 April 2013

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SRAM Notts & Derby Cyclo-cross League committee meeting

Thursday 4th April 2013 7:30pm at the Brewery Tap, Derby



Andrew Naylor – Fossa Racing
John Holmes – Empella RT
Lee Shunburne – Fossa Racing
Gavin Hardwicke – Fossa Racing
Alan Maddocks – Bolsover & District CC
Karen Lifford – British Cycling
Richard Shenton – Beeston CC
Phil Topliss – Derwent Valley ATC
Peter Turner – Derby Mercury RC
Russell Cox – South Pennine RC
Neil Mansfield – Nottingham Clarion CC
Mac Lambert Jr – Heanor Clarion CC
Chris Willett – Judging Team
Mick Gascoigne – Matlock CC
Mac (Fred) Lambert Sr – Heanor Clarion CC
Steve Hand – Derby Mercury RC
Mary Gill – Heanor Clarion CC
Tony Goldstraw – Empella RT
Dave Ash – Nottingham Clarion



Julian Gould, Harry Gould, Sarah Naylor, Louise Kirkham and Martin Stocks


Updated Constitution and rules

Constitution: Karen Lifford (KL) and Steve Hand (SH) are working with British Cycling’s ‘model’ Constitution. This will be Sport England compliant. KLSH to continue work.

Rules: SH guided the meeting through the significant Rule (working document) changes.2 Membership – 2.2 discussed and clarified.

3 The League and Committee – 3.4 discussed.

4 Meetings

5 Races – Peter Turner (PT) asked for clarification of 5.4 – the meeting confirmed that late entries to the calendar would be permitted.

6 League Competition Points – Lee Shunburne (LS) asked for rule 6.4 to be clarified in revised rules.

7 Prizes – No money prizes will be awarded

8 Perpetual trophies – The Mixed Team trophy will be calculated by points rather than position, this was queried by PT, discussed and agreed. Alan Maddocks (AM) tabled the possibility of further team trophies which the League would happily consider. The League would like to purchase a trophy named in recognition of Harry Gould’s contribution to the NDCXL. AN to discuss with Harry Gould. U9s and U12s will continue to receive medals for the top placed 10 riders.

SH to continue work on Rules for presentation at next meeting.


Committee structure

We have another working document detailing the possible structure of the future committee, and are working to fit the specific positions of the NDCXL around this. For the 2013 – 2014 season, we have an elected committee under the outgoing structure, and these people will continue in their positions, until the 2014 AGM.

KL explained the proposed structure and mentioned the possible inclusion of a Rider rep and a Club rep.Neil Mansfield (NM) asked for details of the Race co-ordinator role. LS explained that this was an experienced person who would provide an appropriate level of support to race organisers.PT sought assurance that the meeting actions would be recorded.

KLSH to continue work.


Update on chip timing

Gavin Hardwicke (GH) explained progress to-date, including a proposed test event. Questions invited:Mac Lambert (Jr) (MLj) asked for clarification of the extent of the “Chip Timing Team” (CTT) role on event day – GH outlined process – self sufficient, allocate chips, print results and query handling (after the event).

Russell Cox asked who would be responsible for chasing missing chips – CTT would be responsible.MLj asked who would be responsible for judging race durationtime keeping – NDCXL would be responsible.

Chris Willett (CW) asked how much the lap recording teams would need to do – NDCXL would like to record the race as a back up, but their would be no requirement to process a result.

AM asked whether there would a need to queue twice – this is not yet clear, GH to discuss process with CTT, plus test event to clarify.

Mary Gill (MG) suggested coloured velcro to make life easier for people collecting 3, 4 or more chips.

KL stressed the need to keep the Finish area free of “surplus” chips to ensure a clean result.

GH to continue work.


Race levies and support for organisers

The proposed increased Levy would incorporate the costs of chip timing, first aid and additional tape.NM raised a note of caution that the League would be becoming dependent on multiple outside contractors.

Proposed new Levy:
£4 Senior
£2 Youth
£2 all U12

Proposer: AN; 2nd: GH – For 16, Against 0, Abstented 3 – CARRIED


Splitting the main race: Category split and race duration 


Splitting the main race: Schedule of race start times

Discussed extensively, as one item. Worked examples provided by NM and Richard Shenton (RS).

Category splitRace 1: Veterans & Women race together

Race 2: Juniors, U23s & Seniors race together

Proposer: NM; 2nd: John Homles (JH) – For 11, Against 0, Abstained 5 – CARRIED

Race duration

Race 1: Race duration 50 minutes

Race 2: Race duration 50 minutes

Proposer: JH; 2nd: PT – For 15, Against 1, Abstained 2 – CARRIED


11:00 – U9

11:25 – U12

12:00 – Youth

13:00 – Veterans & Women

14:30 – Juniors, U23s & Seniors

Proposer: RS; 2nd: NM – For 14, Against 0, Abstained 3 – CARRIED


Presentation evening

Chris Willett asked whether an organiser had already been appointed – AN confirmed not yet.Dates will be planned to avoid half term – likely  to be 7th or 28th February.


Any other business 

Phil Topliss (PT) asked about the fee for non-promoting clubs. MG explained that the fee had been set high to encourage clubs to join forces and assist one another in joint promotions. The League hoped that no club would pay the £125 fee.RC issued a list of missing race numbers and asked for assistance in getting them back. He informed the meeting that for the 201314 season he would not be producing a list of permanent numbers and that any order for replacement number would need to be in for 1st July to ensure delivery before next season.

JH told the meeting the the EMCCA was likely to require 3 Commissaires at each race.

Next meetingThursday 2nd May 2013 7:30pm – Venue TBC



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