Minutes – SRAM NDCXL AGM 17 March 2012


Sunday 17th March 2012 1:00pm – SRAM HQ, Clay Cross


Julian Gould (Chairman) – Zepnat.com

Harry Gould (Treasurer) – Matlock CC

Mary Gill (Secretary) – Heanor Clarion CC

Richard Shenton – Beeston CC

Neil Mansfield – Nottingham Clarion

Kyle Burleigh – Nottingham Clarion

Alan Maddocks – Bolsover & District CC

John Holmes – Team Empellacyclo-cross.com

Lee Shunburne – Matlock CC

Mac Lambert Snr – Heanor Clarion CC

Sarah Naylor – Ashfeld RC

Andy Naylor – Ashfield RC

Graham Snodden – SRAMPM

Russell Cox – South Pennine RC

Heather Wimble – SPRC

Rob Wimble – Zepnat.com

1. Apologies

Dave Gretton, Louise Kirkham, Gavin Hardwicke, Mick Gascoigne, Mac Lambert Jnr, Steve Crapper and Pete Reilly.

2. Minutes of Previous Meeting

Minutes proposed as an accurate record by John Holmes, seconded by Russell Cox, carried.

3. Chairman’s Report

Julian Gould (JG) league thanked league helpers and SRAM.

A successful season, with some new problems caused by increased participation.

4. Secretary’s Report

No correspondence received.

Mary Gill (MG) reported from the British Cycling Cyclo-cross Conference that discussions took places regarding participation numbersfield sizes, the availability of online entry and developments in lap recording technologysystems including “My laps”.

The NDCXL has had another good year with 59,551 visits by 10,801 vistors – consideration should be given to monetising the site.

5. Treasurer’s Report

Record income, record levies.

The SRAM contribution increased as it included funds for a “Special Award”.

Records prize list.

NDCXL will carry forward a healthy balance into the 2012-13 season.

6. Sponsorship

JG thanked SRAMGraham Snodden (GS) for support and equipment.

GS informed the meeting that the e-z ups were here now with the tap. SRAM are happy with NDCXL.

JG thanked GS for the use of SRAM offices as venue.

JG gave the League’s thanks to Mick Gascoigne for transporting the event equipment to the various League events.

7. Election of Committee

The Committee stepped down, and appointments were made as follows:

Julian Gould – Chairman

Harry Gould – Treasurer

Russell Cox – Time keeper

John Holmes – Commissaire co-ordinator

Steve Hand – Senior League co-ordinator

Gavin Hardwicke – League co-ordinator

Andrew Naylor – Committee member

Lee Shunburne – Committee member

Graham Snodden – Committee member

Neil Mansfield – Committee member

Mary Gill – Website co-ordinator

CARRIED unanimously

VACANCY – Secretary

8. Rule changes

Amend 6.6 – from NDCXL committee with thanks to Neil Mansfield – for clarity

6.6 If the Regional Championships are held within the NDCXL area and designated a full round of the series, average league points shall be awarded, upon completion of the race. To encourage participation in the Regional Championships if not designated a full round of the series, riders participating in the event shall be entitled to receive their average league points upon completion of the race, but if the total number of scoring rounds then exceeds the maximum allowable under rule 6.3 an additional lowest race points score shall be deducted for calculation of final league position.

Proposed: Committee, 2nd: Lee Shunburne – CARRIED

Amend various – from Sarah Naylor- to create a Women specific League

5.6      Events shall normally be held on Saturdays, except any held over the Christmas holiday period, to the following timetable: Under 9’s 12:00 noon duration 7 minutes; Under 12’s 12:30pm duration 15 minutes; Youth (Including ‘Go Ride’ entries) 1:00pm duration 25 minutes;  Senior race (including Junior and Veteran categories) 2:15pm duration 50 minutes; Women’s race 2:17pm duration 50 minutes.

5.8   Current League tables standings for Senior, Women, Youth, U12 and U9s league shall be produced, after the first 2 events of the season, and published in time for counting event number 3 and updated and published prior to each subsequent event to the end of the season.

5.9   The senior race starts shall be ranked to aid safety. Five boxes each six-meter wide by 12-metre long shall be marked on the ground one behind the other. The width of the course around the start boxes should be at least 8 metres, with the start boxes centred on this.

Box 1 is for riders who are in the top 100 of the BC SENIOR National rankings plus riders who are not ranked in the top 100 who are in the Top 20 of the current League table. The top 100 BC SENIOR National ranked riders will take precedence in lining up in this box.

Box 2 is for riders positioned 21st – 50th in the current League table.

Box 3 is for riders positioned 51st and above the current League table and visitor riders.

Box 4 is for any rider not eligible for the other boxes or who wants to take a more leisurely start. The start officialCommissaire has discretionary powers to move riders between boxes to ensure a fair and safe start.

Box 5 is for women competing in the Women’s race.

The number of boxes can be increased if necessary.

The start officialCommissaire has discretionary powers to move riders between boxes to ensure a fair and safe start.

The Women’s race will start 2 minutes after the start of the SeniorJuniorVeteran’s race.

At the start of the season the previous year’s league finish positions will be used for the first 2 league events.

6.1   The Senior League competition shall be based on points scored as follows: 200 points to the winner of each race, 199 to the second and so on down to one point for 200th place. The Women’s League competition shall be ased on points scored as follows 150 points to the winter of each race, 149 to the second and so on down to one point for 150th place.

7.3.2     Women’s League to at least the first three plus at least the highest placed junior and veteran women categories.

Proposed: JG, 2nd: Richard Shenton – CARRIED

9. Date fixing

1 September – Bolsover

8 September – Empella Hilton

15 September – Heanor Shipley

22 September – Ashfield Southglade

6 October – SPRCZepnat Allestree

13 October – Belper Alfreton

20 October – VC Nottingham ???

27 October – Beeston Bramcote

17 November – Notts Clarion, Holme Pierrepont

24 November – DMRC Sinfin

9 December – Regional Champs (NDCXL Average Points)

15 December – Sherwood CC Sherwood Pines

29 December – Matlock CC, Thornbridge

6 January – Nat Trophy 6, Derby

19 January – Long Eaton ???

26 January – Ashfield, Darley Moor

All to be confirmed with the EMCCA

10. AOB

Steve Hand’s League Co-ordinator report:

A very busy season this time around, because of:

1.       The full introduction of the Electronic scoring system.

2.       8 races in 8 weeks at the start of the season.

3.       Record number of entries in all races.

I found the time it was taking too much to cope with and recruited Ricky Wildman (Nottingham Clarion) to assist in typing up the results and formulating the league tables for the U12’s and Youths.

This is how it works in theory:

a.       I receive the results from Russell after the race, and do a check to see if there are any obvious errors.

b.       These are forwarded to Ricky, Andy & Sarah and Gav.

c.       By Tuesday, hopefully all the queries from the races have been received; I work through these, and note any alterations.

d.       These updated results are forwarded on.

e.       Andy & Sarah check these against the electronic results, and hopefully by this stage the two match.

f.       Hopefully by Thursday, Ricky & myself have typed up the non senior results, and league tables, and Gav has usually completed the seniors league table by Friday lunchtime.

g.       Everything is posted on the www site, and all the riders are happy.

There has been a query as to the amount of time that is being spent on these results weekly. This all depends on the number of queries and alterations, but in general, if there are only a ‘normal’ number of queries, seems to be around:

Steve            4 hours.

Ricky            2 hours

Andy & Sarah 2 hours

Gav              2 hours

Special thanks must go to the judging team who produce a fantastic set of (usually) accurate results on the day of the race.

Myself and Graham were told by another league that there was no chance whatever of producing full results on the day (because they had up to 130 riders!), and hoped to provide around the top 10 on the day, with full results by the Thursday.

JG thanked the lap recordingprocessing team for their efforts.

Mick Gascoigne asked for his concerns regarding pit use and safety. Too many dumped bikes and wheels, etc.

ACTION: To be raised at the organisers meeting – zone pits have “manned” and “unmanned” areas.

Russell Cox reported race statistics and reported missing numbers. League to chase numbers.

ACTION: MG to post “missing” list on website

Alan Maddocks reported that Bolsover’s Steve Crapper has some ideas regarding development of the electronic recording system. Advised to speak with the Naylors.

Also concerns regarding First Aid.

John Holmes reported disqualifying a rider after aggressive behaviour.

MG asked whether the caterers were required for 201213 season – the committee confirmed their satisfaction with Dave and Rachel of Courtyard Catering and invited them for next season.

ACTION: MG to contact Courtyard Catering

Organisers meeting proposed for 27th June 2012 at SRAM HQ.

The League decided that a committee meeting was required before the beginning of the next season.

11. Date of next meeting