Future of the NDCXL

Following complete unanimous agreement that the league must evolve for its own survival at the AGM of the 28th March, it was agreed that a “Future of the NDCXL Summit” would be called on Thursday 11th April 630PM – 930PM.  The main takeaway was the agreement that we would now allow anyone to affiliate to the league and we NEED to bring people to the sport, make it easier and support new organisers.  The event can be attended either in person or online (please request meeting details via the form)
The purpose is to
  • Bring new ideas forward.
  • Make it simpler to organise events.
  • Remove red tape where possible.
  • Support new organisers.
No new ideas are bad ideas, this meeting is about blue sky thinking. All we ask is that you put some thought into how the sport via NDCXL could be run.
If we do nothing, the league will not exist anymore. So, use it and help or lose it.
We need you, share this with your friends and fellow CX racers.