20-21 Season Update

Following the committee meeting on Wednesday 29th July the NDCXL provide the following update on the 20/21 season.

Committee members and event organisers were present to discuss The Way Forward (TWF) document from BC and how we move forward as a league for 20/21. It is obvious from reading the document that the 20/21 CX season will not look the same as normal given the social distancing and situation that we face. The decisions made at this meeting may need to be amended to stay in line with the changing framework from British Cycling within which the NDCXL will work. Nevertheless, the League remains committed to revising the above measures, with the aim of returning to the ‘normal’ NDCXL style event as soon as possible.

The committee voted on several areas after a full and robust discussion and have agreed the following:

  • Provisionally there are 9 events on the calendar that will be supported by the NDCXL for 20/21 season with the option of additional events to be added should event organisers be able.
  • There will be no league tables to accommodate riders who are unable to attend events through no fault of their own: self-isolation or, for example, regional lock downs.
  • Races are categorised a Go Race (as per TWF document) and riders will not, therefore, accrue national ranking points.

In order for the NDCXL to comply with the guidelines there will be a maximum of 5 races in the event schedule. Each race will exist in its own ‘bubble’ with dedicated sign on, practice and race, all within a confined time frame. To limit race field sizes and enact social distancing measures theses races will be:

  • RACE 1: U14 and U16
  • RACE 2: Vet 40 Men
  • RACE 3: Vet 50/60+ Men
  • RACE 4: Women
  • RACE 5: Senior, U23 and Junior Men


  • The NDCXL will endeavour to support local Go Ride affiliated clubs on their U12 offer for the 20/21 CX season. Running an U12-only event at the end of the season was also discussed.
  • As per TWF there will be no pits – riders are expected to race on the same bike from start to finish.
  • Race times will be shortened to create more space in the day for race ‘bubbles’: U14 and U16 – 20 minutes, all adult categories – 30 minutes.
  • There will be no prize money due to additional costs of running an event under TWF guidelines and the unpredictable environment for racing. Removing the need for prizes reduces the financial pressure on event organisers.
  • An enhanced first aid package will be provided by NDCXL to event organisers.
  • The NDCXL will purchase and provide to event organisers a bundle of COVID-19 safety equipment (e.g. masks, sanitizer, single use whistles, COVID-19 signage, etc).
  • Club / team registration fees will remain the same as last year.
  • Race entries fees will remain the same as last year.
  • Only essential equipment will be provided to event organisers for each round, in order to reduce the need to sanitise post-event.
  • NDCXL agreed to set up a small working group to consider event day processes including sign-on, race number allocation and chip timing to report back at the next meeting.
  • We will open club / team registration to the league in early August.
  • We will open rider registration on 1st September.
  • As usual registered riders will be given priority entry over unregistered riders.