040923 – Emergency League Meeting

Monday 4th September at 7:30pm.  Please request joining instructions by completing the form. Details will be sent to you in advance via email.

“CX is coming !” Is usually the rallying cry for us all to have forgotten to glue tubs, make sure bottom brackets aren’t seized and that summer is coming to a close with our league is just about to kick off !

Sad to say that this season we are desperately lacking the momentum that is needed to hit the ground running and ensure we have a full and successful league and season. We are all aware that as each season passes we are managing to pull together fewer and fewer rounds. The pool of dedicated organising clubs, volunteers keep diminishing and the pool of actual volunteers is very dry.

In the last 24hrs we have been notified there is a real risk that our R2 Marketon will not happen this year. As ( through no fault of their own ) the organising club has not been able to muster the volunteers and time to dedicate to getting this round up and operating.

The first point is that if some of our most successful local clubs struggle to host rounds how are we going to ensure all of the other rounds will have enough volunteers, we can’t keep leaning on the same people over and over again. The second point is that if R2 does not go ahead we are left with 5 rounds and the current NDCXL Constitution states that we need a min of 6 rounds for the league to operate, meaning that this season could be put at risk or the framework thereof.

The committee are currently liaising with all the organising clubs to get an understanding as to where everyone is re volunteers and what the likelihood is of losing any further rounds.

With the above in mind we have called an emergency meeting for Monday the 4th at 7:30pm where these points will be discussed. If you are at all concerned about the league please make time to join the zoom call, your league needs your support.

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