040819 Rider info for 2019-20 season including changes

Information for riders racing in 2019/’20 NDCXL events


General volunteer recruitment notices:

  • FINANCE: Treasurer vacancy
  • COMMUNICATIONS: NDCXL Buy and Sell Facebook page moderator
  • EVENTS: Excel spreadsheet user
  • OFFICIALS: U9 and U12 gridding


Event entry deadline

  • The cut off for rider entry will be at 23:55 on the SUNDAY prior to the event.
  • Please note that entry for non-affiliated riders opens on TUESDAY at 23:55 before the Sunday entry deadline.


Addition of women’s race

  • A new women-only race has been added to the event schedule.
  • The women’s race will start at 13:45.
  • The women’s race will run for 40+ minutes.
  • All women’s categories (junior, U23, senior, vet 40, vet, 50 and vet 60) will start at the same time. There will be no separate starts for the various categories.


New event schedule

  • In order to incorporate an additional race into the event schedule there have been some changes to the structure of events. See Appendix C of the NDCXL Rules – Race Structure for the details but the highlights are:
    • Race start times have changed:
      • U9 10:30
      • U12 10:55
      • Youth 11:30
      • Vet men 12:30
      • Women 13:45
      • Men 14:45
    • Some races have new duration changes
    • Vet men’s race – 40+ minutes
    • Women’s race – 40+ minutes
    • Men’s race – 60 minutes
    • The introduction of an additional race has squeezed the schedule. To maximise opportunities for practise following will be implemented at events:
    • Course practise can start once the commissaire team has conducted an inspection of the course and declared it open. This will normally occur by 10am.
    • During the U12 races practise is permitted on the sections of the course not being used by the U9 and U12 races.
    • Organisers have been asked to create a rider holding area after the finish line so riders wish to practice on the course can gather there before the winner of the race crosses the line.
    • Once the winner crosses the line a ‘sweeper rider’ will lead the waiting riders out of the holding area an acceptable distance behind the last rider in the race.
      • Because of the need to ensure races run to time commissaires can, if required, withdraw back markers as they cross the finish line to start their final lap. Withdrawn riders will be listed in the results in the order in which they are withdrawn plus the number of laps which have not been complete.



  • U12 riders will be gridded by league position.
  • Youth and older riders will be gridded by their position in the top 50 of national rankings and then their position in the League. Riders who are not ranked in the top 50 nationally or do not have league points will not be gridded and will form rows behind the gridded riders.

On the day prize allocation

  • Men’s vet sub-categories (V45, V55, V65) are no longer recognised.
  • Prizes across male and female categories have been equalised.
  • Please note that prizes must be collected within 14 days of the event.


League prizes

  • Prizes in the league competitions shall be awarded in the following categories:

Children:            U9B, U9G, U12B, U12G, U14B, U14G, U16B, U16G

Women:             Junior, U23, Senior, V40, V50, V60, V70+

Men:                   Junior, U23, Senior, V40, V50, V60, V70+