Event organisers – Useful information

We hope that this page will provide you with information for running a successful NDCXL event.

The League has an Events co-ordination team that can help support you to put on your event. The team can be reached via our Contact Us page.

Other useful notes:

  • The League Constitution and Rules – Constitution and Rules.
  • Age categories can be found in section 5 of the British Cycling Cyclo-cross Rules (See FAQ) or in an easier to read NDCXL age categories page. HOWEVER – note that the NDCXL Under 9 (NOT Under 10) category.
  • There is a wealth of information available to an event organiser on the BC website.
  • If possible attend the pre-season Event organisers meeting – there is tons of valuable information there.
  • If you’re a first time organiser buddy with another organiser – work with another club in the setting up of their event in order to better understand what will be required of you.
    • With these under your belt you should be pretty much ready to go, however, there are a few things that are either not covered in the workbook, or that are easy to miss, here we go:

      1. Event date fixing takes place at the League’s AGM, with completed Event Registration forms – here (pdf) going forward to the East Midlands Cyclo-cross Association (EMCCA) for approvalsubmission to the BC calendar.
      2. The events are then created by BC – you will need to update this with your payment details.
      3. You need to make arrangement to receive the crates containing race numbers, sponsors banners, age category sheet, entry fees sheet, carbon paper, etc from the preceding race organiser.
      4. The chip timing team will need an electronic copy of the entry from the BC system – e-mail Mark @ Chip timing.
      5. You will need to print the Signing on sheets of pre-entered riders, sorted in Alphabetical order, prior to the event.
      6. You need to provide additional signing on sheets – here (pdf). You probably need around 14 and a couple spare, this should allow for the top and carbon copies.
      7. The League owns 80+ posts; if you wish to borrow them please contact Harry Gould.
      8. The East Midlands region owns a multitude of resources for organisers of races – for details please contact British Cycling’s Karen Lifford on 07860 404834.
      9. As a League we are lucky enough to have a title sponsor – SRAM. It is vitally important that we work to satisfy their needs and those of any sponsors of your race (though expressly NOT Shimano or Campagnolo). This means:
        – Use the SRAM shelters (large Ezee-up for signing on and smaller Ezee-up for judging) and ensure that they are correctly erected – these are transported by Mick Gascoigne.
        – Use SRAM tape for course marking; it is distributed at the organiserscommittee meeting. Where additional tape is required use it away from the StartFinish areas, away from signification elements of your course and if possible non-branded.
        – Use the SRAM banners in the StartFinish area of the course.
        In result reporting please try to ensure that SRAM is mentioned.
      10. The chip timing team will be on site with pre-programmed chips and straps.
      11. You need to make contact with a member of the judging team to ensure that they can cover your event – Pauline Taylor (Judges Co-ordinator), Val Taylor, Christine Willett, Mac Lambert Jnr and Mac Lambert Snr.
      12. You need to make contact with the League timekeeper Russell Cox to ensure that he can cover your event.
      13. You need to make contact with your Commissaires in advance of your event to discuss the course, risk assessment and any safety issues. If you’re not sure who your Commissaires are please contact the League Commissaire Co-ordinator John Holmes.
        Commissaire’s report form – here (pdf).
      14. If at all possible make the finish area accessible to a vehicle. If this is not possible please inform Russell Cox and Mick Gascoigne.
      15. Russell Cox has the EMCCA podium which is available for use.
      16. Ensure that you use the League’s levy form – here (pdf), when calculating your event levies – the BC form doesn’t mention the EMCCA levy that you have to pay.
      17. You need to ensure that you have the Prizes matrix or spreadsheet from Sarah Naylor.
      18. There are various signage type resources in the League Google drive.
      19. Caterers: Munchyz – Liz & Andy – 07842424198 – should be on site and ready to supply food and drinks by 10am. Will make a cash donation to your event.
      20. First Aid: Graham Durant – 07712 401126, graham.durant@sky.com – should be on site by 10.30am. Paid for by the League.
      21. Cycling products stall: David Jack, mobile 07989 389159 – David usually makes a small contribution to goody bags and prize funds by way of vouchers.
          1. Finally – if in doubt ask! There is of course a wealth of knowledge out amongst the league members – try the

        Forum for advice andor support.